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Four of the best

01 January 2013 swimart

Four of the best

Four of the best

Old school pool games

Remember those good old games we used to play in the pool? Why not introduce your kids to the classic games you used to play as a kid, and let them enjoy the simplicity and joy of games that don’t involve modern gadgetry! Here are four of the best:

1. Marco Polo
This is an absolute classic that provides hours and hours of entertainment. Many would have fond memories of the adrenaline rush as the seeker’s fingertips passed close by without you being discovered. Put your hearing to the test as the seeker, or conversely, your stealth, as one of the evaders.

If you haven’t heard of this game, Marco Polo involves multiple players, one of whom has their eyes closed and who then tries to find the others. The seeker yells out ‘Marco!” to which the evaders reply “Polo!” – which gives the seeker the chance to guess where they are in the pool by the sound of their voice. Sneaky people who jump out of the pool while trying to avoid capture can be caught out if the seeker yells out “Fish out of water!”

2. Find the coin
This is a good game if your little ones are a tad competitive. Find some coins or other objects that will sink to the bottom (use bigger coins so they can see them easier) and throw them in. You can either let them try it one at a time and see who has the quickest time, or let them collect them all at once and see who has the most. Super simple and fun!

3. Races
Whether you use a certain stroke, or use pool toys or noodles, racing is something everyone can enjoy. Using various flotation devices can make things more interesting as people on different items bob their way across the pool. Time each person individually to see who can get the quickest time, or throw everyone in there and set them against each other. This is also a good game to encourage kids to practise their strokes, and, if you have enough people to make teams, instil a sense of teamwork and sportsmanship.

4. An all out water fight
Get your water pistols ready, it’s time for an old fashioned water fight! Divide everybody into teams, or have a chaotic few minutes of free-for-all. There’s no logical way of counting points for this one, as everyone is wet from jumping in and out of the pool anyway, so just enjoy!

All games should only be played under constant adult supervision.

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