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Keep on moving

04 April 2014 Administrator

Keep on moving

Don't Cool Down the Fun. Keep On Moving

The incoming cooler weather doesn’t mean fun for your kids in the pool should end! Continuing to be active will help keep your family’s health and fitness up well into winter. Pool games capture your children’s imaginations and help exhaust their seemingly endless supply of energy. Plus, you can join in too!

Here’s a few suggestions to keep your kids out and about for as long as possible:



Dolphins and sharks
This game is sure to get the adrenalin pumping! You will need at least seven players for it to work.

Divide the group of swimmers into two teams (dolphins and sharks), with one person designated as the leader of the game. Each end of the pool is one team’s ‘safe zone’, where they cannot be tagged by the opposite team.

The leader of the game will call out either ‘dolphins’ or ‘sharks’ and that team must swim back to their safe zone as the opposition attempts to tag them. Any tagged players join the opposing team, and the game ends once one team has claimed all the players.



Bobbing heads

One activity that could potentially last for ages is bobbing heads. Every man is for himself in this game.

One player is standing outside of the pool with a soft beach ball or small foam ball, while the others bob around in the water below. In order to not get hit, those in the water submerge themselves and reappear above the water in random patterns. Being unpredictable can help lessen your chance of getting hit!
The player throwing the ball must keep trying until they hit someone, who then becomes ‘it’. This game can last however long you want it to!



Scavenger hunt
Nothing beats a good old fashioned scavenger hunt! This game is great for both little and big kids.

Dividing all players into two teams (or even three if you have that many eager little ones!), collect a variety of objects that are to be searched for. You will need a set of each object according to the number of teams.

Hide these objects in the pool and around the pool area; you could include the whole back yard if you want the game to last longer. The first team to collect one of each item wins!


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