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Pool party season

12 December 2014 James Nash

Pool party season

Pool party season

It’s finally summer and you know what that means-pool party season! Everyone is feeling festive this time of year, so why not host your own themed pool party and invite your guests to enjoy your pool with you?

We even have a few pool party ideas for you:

Beach party
Get in the spirit of summer and host a beach party by your pool! Decorate the pool area and the tables with shells and bright flowers, and float some pool toys in the pool. If you’ve got a sand pit in the backyard, build a sand castle and lay out some spades and other plastic toys.

Add a nice touch by giving guests a Hawaiian lei each, and ask them to wear their most colourful beach gear. Food-wise, you’ll be set with lots of big fruit platters and some bright coloured cocktails with paper umbrellas.

Girl’s retreat

Pool parties aren’t just for the kids-get the girls around for a luxurious day floating in the pool with a cocktail in hand and some trashy gossip mags in the other. Throw in some delicious snacks and awesome tunes and you’ve got yourself a great girl’s day in!

Don’t forget to leave your wine glasses outside of the pool area-dealing with broken glass in the pool is not a fun time for anyone! Grab some fancy plastic cocktail glasses instead.

“Dive in” movie night
Nothing better than spending those long, hot summer evenings in the pool. Grab a number of inflatable lounge chairs and a projector and cosy up for a movie night under the stars. String up a sheet or project the movie straight onto the side of a fence, shed or even your home.

Go water themed and screen Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid, both of which are great for all ages.


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