Your local Swimart can provide an immediate response  if you require an equipment repair because we know the longer the problem is left, the more money it may cost you. Acting quickly when you have a problem is crucial.

Most of our stores have in-store service departments with a team of trained technicians which means that most repairs can be carried out in the store. For those that can’t, we have service departments where you can bring in your equipment or a qualified team of trained technicians that can come onsite and provide you a diagnosis of your equipment problem.  

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Pump, filter and chlorinator problem solving and repairs
  • Annual servicing of automatic dosing units
  • Pool cleaner tuning and repairs
  • Filter sand changes and annual servicing

Pool and spa filter troubles can take on many forms, and not all issues with filtration are filter problems. Clogged or closed pool skimmers, pumps, or valves can all cause pool filter problems. Check for anything that could be obstructing water flow to or from the filter. 

As your local pool care experts, Swimart can offer on-site pump, filter and chlorinator problem solving anytime you need it.