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In the sunnier months, the sun 'eats' your pool’s chlorine. To minimise chlorine loss your pool needs what’s known as ‘sunscreen’.

Using sunscreen on your pool can save you up to 50% on your chlorine expenses for chlorine swimming pools and it means shorter chlorination times for saltwater swimming pools.

Some chlorine products known as stabilised chlorines contain sunscreen, while those that don’t are referred to as unstabilised chlorines. Even with stabilised chlorines, the sunscreen level should be checked monthly.

The best way to do this is to come in and test the water at your local Swimart store.

TIP: Sunscreen helps minimise chlorine loss from your pool.

TIP: Sunscreen levels should be checked every month.

There are three basic types of pool heating systems. They include solar, gas and heat pumps.

Why choose solar?

Solar heating is popular because the energy to heat the water is free. You can harness the power of the sun to extend your swimming season.

The principles involved in solar pool heating are very simply illustrated. Imagine a garden hose that has been lying in the sun for hours. When you turn on the tap, out comes hot water. That’s solar heating: the sun’s energy has been absorbed by the hose and transmitted as heat to the water inside it. The hose acts as a solar collector.

TIP: Solar pool heating harnesses the sun’s power and extends your swimming season.

Shocking your pool or spa kills bacteria, live organisms and other contaminants (like dirt, debris or algal spores), so your pool sparkles and you can swim safely, sooner – within 15 minutes in most cases!

In some circumstances (when your pool or spa is very low on chlorine) you may need to ‘shock’ it by adding a large dose of chlorine.

Talk to your local Swimart pool and spa specialist about when and how to correctly shock your pool.

TIP: Shocking your pool helps your pool sparkle so you can swim safely, sooner.

Contrary to popular opinion, too much chlorine can make swimming uncomfortable by creating sore eyes and itchy skin for swimmers. Maintaining correct chlorine levels at all times is important.

Take a sample of your pool water along to your local Swimart pool and spa specialist for computer testing. They will analyse your pool or spa water and advise you on how much chlorine is suitable for your pool or spa.

TIP: Correct chlorine levels ensure a comfortable swimming environment.

Chemically balanced and sanitised water (measuring correct sanitiser, pH, alkalinity and calcium levels) prevents scaling, corrosion, as well as unnecessary damage to pool equipment and allows sanitisers to work effectively.

It also ensures that your pool water is safe to swim in. If water is out of balance, the effectiveness of sanitation is diminished and you may need to use more chemicals to maintain clean and healthy water. Sanitised water looks better, too!

Talk to Swimart today about how to sanitise your pool water.

TIP: Sanitised pool water prevents unnecessary pool and equipment damage and provides a safer swim.

Incorrect pH levels can cause a range of problems, including itchy skin and sore eyes. Unbalanced water can occur as a result of heavy rain, heavy pool usage, topping up the pool or adding chemicals.

Chemically balanced and sanitised water is critical for a safer, healthier swim.

Talk to your local Swimart pool and spa specialist about getting the right balance for your pool water.

TIP: Balanced pool and spa water ensures a safer, healthier swim.

Heavy rain can change the pH level of your pool water. Water out of balance is uncomfortable for swimmers (think irritated skin and sore eyes). It can cause expensive damage to your pool and equipment and interfere with pool sanitisation.

Hurry! Ask  your local Swimart pool and spa specialist about getting the right balance for your pool type and size.

TIP: Always balance your pool water after rain.

Pool covers save water by reducing evaporation and heat loss, plus they keep leaves and other debris out of your pool. Pool covers can extend your swimming season by keeping heat in! They also help preserve the chemical balance of your pool’s water and keeps the pool cleaner, saving you time and money.

Talk to Swimart about pool covers, blankets and other protective measures for your pool.

TIP: Pool covers extend your swimming season, reduce heat loss and keep debris out of your pool.

To keep your pool cleaner in good working condition, regularly clean your skimmer box and pump basket. Backwashing and rinsing your filter regularly will also help. Many factors impact upon the performance of your pool cleaner, including dirty filters, excessive chemical use, unbalanced water and incorrect suction levels.

Talk to your local Swimart pool and spa specialist about how to maximise the performance of your pool cleaner year-round.

TIP: Clean your skimmer box and pump basket and backwash your filter regularly to keep your cleaner in top condition.

Chemicals are potentially dangerous and may present some hazards if not used properly. Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for the use and storage of chemicals and follow these tips:
  • Never allow pool chemicals to mix with each other or household chemicals. Use a clean scoop for each chemical and never combine material from "old" and "new" containers. Chemical reactions could take place resulting in possible fires or explosions.
  • Never use metallic utensils- use plastic, glass, china or enamelware utensils and buckets only, and be sure that they are clean and dry.
  • Add chemicals to water. Never add water to chemicals.
  • Always add chemicals directly to the pool water, either in a suitable feeder, distributed across the surface of the pool, or diluted and poured into the water. Follow label use instructions.
  • Never add chemcials to the pool water while swimmers are using the pool.
  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children.
  • Never reuse old chemical containers.
  • Wash out empty disinfectant containers before disposing to eliminate danger of fire, explosion or poisoning.
  • Carefully clean up any spilled chemicals with large amounts of water to dilute and wasy away the chemcials.
  • Do not inhale dust or fumes from any pool chemicals. If necessary use protective devices from breathing, handling and eye protection.
  • Promptly wash off any residues which get on your skin.
  • Chemicals for test kits should be replaced each year.
  • Keep the original lids on all chemical containers and makre sure the lids are closed tightly when not is use.
  • Don't stack different chemicals on top of one another.
  • Keep liquid chemicals away from dry chemicals.
  • Physically seperate all different forms of chemicals.
  • Store your chemicals in a clean, cool, dry, well-ventilated area.
  • Do not store chemicals near the pool heater.
  • Keep acids away from other chemicals.
  • Do not sore your pool chemicals where other flammable items may mix with them. For example, a mixture of pool chemicals and fertilizer can cause a fire or explosion.
  • Add each chemical to the pool separately.
  • Follow all label directions and use instructions carefully.
  • Keep your hands clean and dry, and wash your hands before and after handling chemicals.
  • Always have your pump on when adding chemicals, and filter the water for at least two hours prior unless specified by your local Swimart pool and spa specialist.
See your local Swimart pool and spa specialist for more tips on pool chemical handling safety. TIP: Wash your hands after handling pool chemicals. TIP: Don’t mix your pool chemicals.

Over time, the sand in your filter will become uneven as a result of ‘water channeling’. This reduces your filter’s ability to effectively and efficiently do its job - and clean your water. For optimum filtration, it is recommended that you replace sand, on average, every five years.

To find out how to get the most from your filtration system and discuss sand replacement, speak to your local Swimart pool and spa specialist.

TIP: Replace your sand approximately every five years.

Filter socks, which trap large leaves, debris and small dirt particles, offer a low-cost, easy way to keep your skimmer basket clean. Filter socks are simple and quick to replace, too – saving you time!

Find out about filter socks at your local Swimart pool and spa specialist.

TIP: Filter socks keep the leaves out of your pool, saving you time.

Leaky pump seals are a common cause of pump noise. It’s likely that the pump’s seals have leaked, allowing water inside the bearings, drying them out.

In most cases, your local Swimart pool and spa specialist can easily repair bearings and seals. Talk to Swimart today.

TIP: If your pool pump is unusually noisy, check seals and bearings.

about swimartCairns

Hi, my name is Brendan Jacob and I have been the Franchisee at Swimart Cairns since May 2005. I have lived in Cairns since 1991.

Established in 1988, Swimart Cairns’s highly experienced technicians and customer service professionals have ensured the health and wellbeing of hundreds of Pools and Spas in the Cairns area. We also have many satisfied customers from Cardwell, Port Douglas & Mossman & throughout the Tablelands.

Swimart Cairns provides an extensive and affordable range of pool and spa products and including the Aqua~Health range of pool care products, Waterco pool Equipment, Heating & Assessories and including their exclusive Chlorine Free "Hyroxypure" fresh water system, Zane Solar pool heating systems and now, new to our line up, we have the Poppits range of Spa Care products.

If you are strapped for time and cannot make it to our store in person to take advantage of our free water test service, we have our mobile service vehicles for commercial & domestic servicing, equipment installations & repairs, pool solar heating installations, pool fence safety inspections, and to attend to the many other things that can give you grief with your pool.

Pools in the tropics behave differently to those in cooler climatic zones and as locals we know what is needed to ensure you get the best & healthiest outcomes from your pool. By shopping locally with us you can have the peace of mind that our advice will work.

Why shop at Swimart Cairns?

You can find us easily;

We can visit your backyard;

We wont sell you things just for the sake of it;

Equipment you purchase from us will work up here; and

I live here and I want to continue to live here. I want to enjoy my customers company and to be able to relax in the knowledge that I have been fair, attentive and appreciative in our mutual dealings.

Come into Swimart Cairns today to discuss your individual requirements – and don’t forget to bring in a sample of your pool water so we can test it free of charge.

Enjoy your Pool

Brendan, Martin, William, Brian, Janine, Nathan, Barbara, Lisa & Mait


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Swimart Cairns

5.0 out of 5 stars
Greville D - September 1, 2019

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the smooth service and the minimal disruption to my life in this transaction. The best part was the electrician who had been referred when my own electrician turned out to be hard work. The one referred by Brian was able to complete the hookup using existing infrastructure in a fraction of the time and saved me many hundreds of dollars. All in all extremely happy with the transaction from start to end.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Hiedi S - August 29, 2019

Very helpful with information on pumps and prompt installation


4.5 out of 5 stars
Debbie B - August 24, 2019



5.0 out of 5 stars
Nick & Felicite D - August 10, 2019

Staff are always friendly and extremely helpful.


5.0 out of 5 stars
Kerrie H - August 8, 2019

Fantastic very informative and helpful


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