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4 head-turning benefits of variable speed pool pumps

04 April 2018 nathanhallahan

Variable speed pool pumps are the quiet achievers of pool pumps, often passed over for conventional pumps. Which is surprising as these pumps effectively perform all the jobs of conventional pumps but are exceptionally energy efficient, which means reduced electricity bills, and ultra-quiet to run. The latter meaning you can operate them overnight to take advantage of the lower rates and keep your neighbours happy.

1. They use less energy

Variable speed pool pumps have three speeds – Low, Medium and High – and therefore the option to run on low speed to significantly reduce your power bills and operating noise.

Unlike conventional pool pumps which are limited to one speed that is set to meet the pool’s maximum water flow requirements, Swimart’s Waterco Hydrostorm and Supertuf variable speed pool pumps offer a choice of three speeds that enable you to set a speed to suit different water flow requirements such as filtration, backwashing, cleaning, water features, and swim spa jets.

As filtration is a pool pump’s job for 99 per cent of the time, by running a variable speed pool pump on Low during filtration will use less energy and therefore reduce your power bills.

For backwashing, vacuuming and operating automatic pool cleaners, which only consumes one per cent of the pump’s time, you can switch the variable speed pool pump onto Medium or High.

2. They deliver improved filtration

It may come as a surprise, but a pool filtration system doesn’t need to be operated at a pump’s maximum water flow rate. In fact, filtration efficiency improves at a slow flow rate, which in turn enhances the clarity of the pool water.

3. They increase the efficacy of water treatments

While variable speed pool pumps need to be run for longer whilst on a slow setting, by circulating the water over a long period of time they increase the efficacy of automatic chemical dosers and salt chlorinators.

4. They are ultra-quiet

Variable speed pool pumps’ ultra-low noise levels not only enhance your outdoor ambience but enables you to take advantage of overnight off-peak electricity rates without keeping your family awake or upsetting your neighbours.

The latest durable high performing variable speed pools pumps

As international specialists in the design and manufacture of innovative water filtration products, it’s not surprising that Waterco’s variable speed pool pumps boast durable, UV stabilised and corrosion-resistant parts and high-performance motors.

Their 8 star energy-rated Hydrostorm ECO-V100 and slightly larger Hydrostorm ECO-V150 variable pumps feature three automatic pump speed options – ECO (low), MED and HIGH – plus the added benefit of being able to manually make fine adjustments in operating speed in 25 RPM increments to perfectly match your swimming pool’s flow requirements while maximising energy savings.

On the Low or ECO speed setting, which you can use for filtration 99 per cent of the time, you can potentially enjoy 82 per cent savings in energy with the Hydrostorm ECO-V100 and 88 per cent with the Hydrostorm ECO-V150.

And whilst on the ECO speed setting, both Hydrostorm models boast ultra-low operating noise levels – just 55.5 decibels in the ECO-V100 and 55 decibels in the ECO-V150 compared to conventional pumps which operate at 70 decibels.

Waterco’s compact 7 star energy-rated Supatuf ECO variable pool pump also has a power saving, ultra-quiet three-speed motor that automatically lowers its energy usage and reduces operating noise levels.

Ideal for large swimming pools with heating, water features, vacuum cleaning and swim jets, the Supatuf ECO can reduce power bills by up to 70 per cent when operated on the Low speed setting for 99 per cent of the time.

The Supertuf ECO, Hydrostorm ECO-V100 and ECO-V150 variable speed pool pumps can be installed into a new or existing pool by a qualified technician and come with a three-year warranty.

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