Swimart’s list of pool-friendly plants will ensure your garden is lush with minimal maintenance.

26 October 2018

Choosing the right species for your pool deck can save a lot of time, money and effort.

Create lush landscaping with these pool-friendly plants.

Creating lush landscaping around your swimming pool provides welcome shade, privacy and protection from wind, and also a splash of colour in a sea of blue and green. And while many of us have our favourite go-to species, they may not be the best choices for growing near the pool.

That’s because plants must be able to withstand exposure to salt or chlorine from pool splash and tolerate the high winds and harsh glare typically associated with exposed pool decks. Also, increased humidity levels and intense sunlight reflected from pool water can create a harsh microclimate that puts plants under further duress.

Choosing plants with minimal leaf litter, and preferably ones without spines, thorns or seed pods, will mean less time needed to vacuum the pool – and less effort required from your filtration system.

An example of species suitable for pool decks include:

  • Blueberry ash
  • Bull banksia
  • Himalayan dogwood
  • Holly leaved grevillea
  • Native fuchsia
  • Prostrate grevillea
  • Waxflower

 Avoid robust root systems

Species with notoriously invasive and potentially destructive root systems like bamboo and umbrella trees may provide great shade but below ground can compromise pool paving, underground water pipes, and even the pool shell itself.

Other species to avoid include rubber trees, messy melaleucas and deciduous trees. Also watch out for plants prone to pests and diseases, as pesticides and pool water are a dangerous mix.

Salt-tolerant coastal species

Palms, agave attenuates, bromeliads, cycads, coastal banksia, dianellas, pig face and echiums are considered salt-tolerant species – be it from water splash or coastal locations. As a general rule of thumb, horticulturalists also recommend plants with silvery, furry or waxy leaves, such as bromeliads, agaves, aloe, yucca and cycads.

Nurture new plants

No matter how hardy a plant is, you will need to take extra special care of it until it is properly established. Regularly deep-water plantings, especially when you first put them in the ground, and continue to do this at least twice a month during dry periods.

Smaller plants and seedlings will also need protection from the sun, so generously mulch around these plants to regulate soil temperature and retain moisture. (Avoid root rot by keeping mulch away from the trunk). You might need to consider a light shade cloth if it’s in direct sun for most of the day.

Swimart’s handy pool and garden tools

Our new range of pool tools, which are on sale this spring, make it easier to keep your pool deck leaf free while reducing wear and tear on your filtration system. They include:

  • Leaf canister – extra-large basket or bag traps leaves and debris before they reach the filter system
  • Pruning saw – fits onto any telescopic pole to help you easily and safely remove branches and palm fronds
  • Vektro rechargeable pool vacuum – includes a lithium ion battery that delivers constant performance for 30 minutes, without any drops in suction!

Check out more handy pool and garden tools in Swimart’s Get Set for Summer catalogue.

Call 1300 991 104 or visit your nearest Swimart store for more advice about creating a lush poolscape this summer.


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