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Hydrostorm ECO-V pool pumps deliver maximum energy savings

07 July 2017 Tommy

Reducing your energy bills and maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool doesn't have to mutually exclusive – not when you invest in an energy efficient, Hydrostorm ECO-V variable pool pump.

Unlike fixed pumps that are stuck to one speed, variable models can be adjusted to a slower speed for everyday operation. The slower the pump operates, the less amount of energy used to power it.


Hydrostorm ECO-V pool pumps

Traditional, energy guzzling pumps are typically sized to cater for the pool’s maximum water flow requirements, which is what you need when backwashing a sand filter or providing sufficient water flow to operate a suction pool cleaner.

However, Swimart's Hydrostorm ECO-V pool pump is equipped with a three-speed motor that ranges from 1000 to 2850 RPM (revolutions per minute). This allows you to switch the pump to a low, energy saving flow rate for the majority of its running time.

The pump's RPM, which is conveniently displayed on the control panel, includes:

Low/ECO (1475 RPM): Filtration – 99 per cent of the time

This is the most economical speed when operating the pool’s filtration system, as long as there aren't any ancillary pool equipment attached to the re-circulation system. E.g. suction cleaners.

Medium (2400 RPM): Automatic pool cleaners – some of the time

This speed will enable the operation of additional equipment for pool cleaning functions which require the use of suction cleaners and low pressure spa jets.

High (2850 RPM): Vacuuming and backwash – 1 per cent of the time

This is the power speed selection to use when backwashing granular media filters (e.g. sand filters), operating manual pool vacuuming, and running pool equipment with high water pressure requirements. E.g. water features and spa jets.

Simply put, by setting the pump on the lowest speed setting and operating it during off peak periods can save you hundreds of dollars a year. And that means it won't take long before the pump well and truly pays for itself.

However, if you do have a fixed speed pump, there are other ways to reduce your energy consumption, such as using pump timers to ensure it doesn’t run longer than it needs to, and reducing the number of hours you operate it during cooler months.

When it comes to pool pumps, size does matter

It makes sense that the bigger the pool pump, the bigger the running costs. Therefore, you want to make sure you install the right size pool pump instead of one that is oversized and is going to lead to higher power bills.

Despite what you might think, it is less expensive to run your pool water pump 24-7 if you have the correct pump in place. The pump is the heart of your pool's water filtration system so it's important to get it right.

Talking to a pool professional at Swimart will ensure you have the right size pool pump for your pool, and the one that's going to reduce those power bills. Find out more by visiting your local Swimart pool and spa shop or calling 1300 991 104.

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