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Which spa suits you?

04 April 2017 Tommy

Moulded headrests, LED mood lighting, hydrotherapy massage seats, hurricane jets and finger touch control panels – spas have certainly come a long way over the past few years!

Not just a hot tub filled with warm water, today’s portable spa designs combine relaxation, entertainment and fitness features in one compact package – at just a fraction of the cost of a fully-sized swimming pool. And all you need is a power point to operate them.

While it is possible to boost your spa experience with optional extras like multi-coloured lights and waterproof sound systems, knowing which model is going to enhance your day-to-day lifestyle, and the style of your home, is an important starting point if you’re in the market to buy a spa.

Swimart sells an exclusive range of Australian-made, quality controlled Resort Spas, which are available in different colours and finishes to suit your outdoor landscape and personal taste. Inspired by some of the world’s most iconic travel destinations – Bali, Phuket, Tahiti, Hawaii, and the Bahamas – Swimart’s spas convert a corner of your yard into a resort-style experience.


Spas can be arranged in two main categories – therapeutic spas and swim spas – and while there are subtle differences, both pack a load of features in their sophisticated designs.


Therapeutic spas

With features like LED mood lighting, tension relieving spa jets, ozone sanitation and high-tech control systems, Swimart models like the three-seater Bahamas, five-seater Phuket, six-seater Hawaii and seven-seater Bali provides you with the perfect setting to relax, rejuvenate, and fully immerse yourself in resort style living right in your own backyard.


Swim spas

There’s no need to pay expensive gym memberships when you have Swimart’s Tahiti Swim Spa in your backyard. Depending on whether you choose the Plunge, Swim or Trainer model, this complete fitness system enables you to exercise on the spot courtesy of pulsating, directional and hurricane jets.

Swimart spa warranties include:

  • 10-year Shell Structure Warranty
  • 2-year Shell Surface Warranty
  • 2-year Eternawood Cabinet and Tuffbase Warranty
  • 2-year Timber Cabinet Structural Warranty
  • 2-year Equipment Warranty


With Swimart’s Australian-made spas you can choose the colour of the internal shell, external cabinetry and cover so that everything integrates with the style of your home and outdoor landscape. Find out more by visiting your local Swimart store or contacting us here.

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