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Attack Unsightly Stains and Scale

03 March 2014 Raymond Estevao

Attack Unsightly Stains and Scale

Attack unsightly stains and scale

Keeping your pool free from nasty stains and scale build up is essential to your pool’s appeal and overall health. Address these unsightly issues with our round-up of the most common cause and best fixes for stain and scale.

What causes stain and scale?
Stains are usually the result of metals in the water, such as iron, copper and manganese. They generally appear shortly after you lower or raise the pH of your pool water. Metals can enter the water in a number of ways:

  • Through topping up water
  • Liquid chlorine
  • Algaecides containing metals
  • Oxidation
  • Salt added to a salt chlorinated pool.

Stains can also be caused by organic matter such as leaves, which get stuck to pool surfaces and leave a stain when removed.
Scale is formed when there is excessive calcium and a general imbalance in the pool water. High pH, alkalinity or hardness are the most common causes of this unsightly build up. Scale is found on pool walls and floor, or even the equipment and pipework.

What impact does it have on my pool?
Stains caused by metal in the water can turn your pool a variety of colours, including green, blue, yellow, brown or purple, which is very unsightly and unappealing to swimmers. Your pool water will still be clear, however the presence of metal can indicate the pH is incorrect.

Organic stains from leaves and other natural materials may introduce bacteria into the water that encourages algae growth.

Like stains, scale is definitely unattractive; however scale is slightly more problematic, especially when it builds up in the pool’s plumbing or on equipment. This can affect water circulation and filtration and the efficiency of your pool equipment. In extreme cases it can even lead to equipment failure.

How do I fix the problem?

Your local Swimart stocks a range of products to fix this problem. If you suspect you have unbalanced water, bring in a water sample and we can test it and recommend the correct products to address the issue.

Our products include:

  • Aqua~Health Stain and Scale Control
  • Aqua~Health Ferroban
  • Aqua~Health Granular De-Stain


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