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Admiral Ultra-Nav

01 January 2013 swimart

Admiral Ultra-Nav

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Admiral Ultra-NAV

Robotics and remote controls

Only some of us will remember a time when technology didn’t lend a helping hand with our everyday lives; nowadays, we change the channel on our televisions, alter the volume of our surround sound systems and control the air temperature in our homes, all at the push of a button.

With so many aspects of our lives already made easier by the advancement of technology, why not extend this convenience to your pool?

The new Admiral Ultra-NAV by Waterco introduces a level of convenience that makes cleaning your pool easier than ever before. A part of Swimart’s EnviroPro range, this device ticks all the boxes for environmental friendliness as well as being stress free for you.

Easy clean
Controlled by an easy-to-use wireless remote control, the Ultra-NAV is perfect for targeting those hard-to-clean areas, especially those with built up debris. The advanced navigation system used by the Ultra-NAV prevents the cleaner from getting caught on any obstacles, plus its intelligent programming sends the cleaner in a different direction every time, improving pool coverage.

Self driven by three internal motors, two of which drive the front and rear brush to increase its torque and efficiency, the Ultra-NAV uses less power than most other pool cleaners, only needing 120 watts of power. Climbing the walls of your pool to get to those pesky steps isn’t a problem either, with two sets of continuous traction wheels and strong scrubbing action to make sure these higher areas get a good clean too.

Continuing quality
While the Ultra-NAV brings a whole new host of features, it still follows the same distinctive design principles as the rest of the Admiral range of robotic cleaners, giving superior performance.

The Ultra-NAV micro filters and circulates the water in the pool, which in turn reduces maintenance work on your existing filter, saving water and pool chemicals. It also uses direct drive motors and a quick drainage system to make using the device as easy as possible. The robotic cleaners operate independently from a pool’s filter and pump; they also feature internal motors and vacuum in water, dirt and debris through the built-in pump, then filter the water through the internal filtration system.

The Ultra-Nav is suitable for vinyl liner, fibreglass, tile and concrete residential pools up to 9m x 12m.

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