Our Dolphin HYDRO PLUS robotic pool cleaner is the most popular cleaner in our wide range. This ultra-lightweight cleaner ensures both the floors and walls are covered using the most efficient route.

PowerStream mobility provides enhanced navigation & efficient cleaning of pool surfaces either on the floor, walls or waterline by ensuring constant grip particularly vertical surfaces.

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Product Details

  • Lightweight – makes it easy to handle and remove from pool
  • Pool floor cleaning
  • 15m Swivel cable helps prevent cable tangles
  • Programmable weekly timer
  • Wall & waterline cleaning and scrubbing
  • Active brush rotating at twice the speed of the motor, effectively scrubs and cleans away dirt and debris 
  • Efficient dirt and debris collection on every surface of the pool
  • Equipped with the PowerStream mobility system providing maximum pool coverage
  • Multi-level, clog-free filter snaps apart for super easy cleaning
  • Easy-clean ultra-fine filter basket
  • Water saving – reducing filtration debris eases filter maintenance, cleaning, and pool water refill
  • Energy saving – uses a fraction of the resources consumed by other pool cleaning systems
  • Chemical use reduction – enhanced water circulation plus less water use equals reduced chemicals.