BWT D600 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cleaning Efficiency and Aquatron Performance in a New robot!

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Product Details

Compact, hydrodynamic and energy efficient

With its very low lines, compact design, BWT Tornado robotic cleaners easily maneuverer through tight spaces. Its hydrodynamic design reduces drag so less power is needed to drive it though the water. A real energy saving.


Optimised scrubbing action
D600 robotic cleaner features 4 brushes made of PVA specially formulated to be compatible with all pool surface finishes. Along with the additional vibrating PVC brush, they provide impeccable cleaning of your pool.


Fast, intelligent cleaning

D600 robotic cleaner moves quickly and cleans fast. They feature the smart navigation system. Comprised of a gyroscope navigation system that computes the cleaning path. The cleaning cycle is shorter and the entire surface to be cleaned is covered. The pool floor, walls and water line are perfectly clean with a minimum number of passes.


Clever handle design

As the robot climbs the pool wall, settling into a diagonal position to cause the robot to take an alternate route as it descends. Coverage of the walls is optimized and the cleaning time is reduced.