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Pool Toys

04 April 2012 swimart

Pool Toys

Pool Toys

Fun pool toys for the summer


Keeping the kids entertained this summer is easier than ever, with a huge range of pool toys and inflatables available from Swimart. Choose between classics like dive rings or noodles, or go for something more action-packed like ride-on inflatables or eliminators.


There's just no beating the good old noodle. Noodles are endless fun, whether they are used as makeshift horses for racing across the pool, as a marker to prove you swam underwater further than your brother, or for just floating on. These inexpensive items can also be used to make larger rings for games of human ring toss, or to create targets for balls or other noodles to be thrown through.

Dive rings are another favourite, coming in variations such as discs and sticks. Compete with friends or family to catch the most rings, or use the numbered versions to collect in the right order in record time. A modern variation of this game is Dive N Match, an underwater memory game where you match up the designs underneath the shells.

Water sports and eliminators

Nothing goes down better than a game of pool footy, cricket or volleyball. Get yourself a waterproof set to avoid ruining the set that is better for use on the lawn. Basketball also comes to life in the pool with Shoot n Hoops.

A new sensation that will appeal to those who enjoy skating or surfing is the underwater swivel board. Balancing on this board comes with a bit of practise, as it swivels to and fro under the water.

Eliminators are a favourite with the boys, with their ability to shoot a jet of water the length of an average backyard pool. These pistols also come in mini and pocket sizes, but still promise a powerful jet stream. The mini versions are great for smaller children.

An altered version of the original eliminator is the Blaster Board, which is a three-in-one invention that can be used as a water blaster, kickboard or a shield when the kids play a bit rough for you.

Modern twist

Many new diving games are trying to break away from the traditional stick or ring designs.

The Under the Sea diving set is a good example, featuring tropical fish that descend in different directions when dropped into the water. The aim of the game is to compete with your friends to catch the most fish with the nets supplied. The fins and tails of the fish also glow in the dark for those hot summer nights spent in the pool.


Floating entertainment is particularly popular with the under 10s age group, supplying hours of fun as they jump in and out of the pool all day long. There's the traditional dolphin rider inflatable for racing or just chilling, or if you're looking for more action, a floating log joust set or a Croc Attack ride-on squirter will do the trick. The log joust set features two ride-on logs and two ‘boppers' for battling your friends till one falls into the water, while the Croc Attack ride-on squirter adds the fun of a constant supply water gun to the mix.

For the big kids

Once the kids have tired you out running in and out of the garden to find the cricket ball, relax on your choice of pool floats and seats. A great choice for sweltering days is the pool hammock, which features a floating head and foot piece, keeping your body partially submerged in the cool water.

For those not wanting to get wet, there's the Chill Out pool ring set and the Laguna pool float that keeps you floating luxuriously on top of the water.

And while you're cooling down, why not also cool down with a drink? A floating pool cooler eliminates the need to drip water all through the house in search of a beverage (or ice cream!).

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