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New Hydrochlor salt water chlorinator

04 April 2012 swimart

New Hydrochlor salt water chlorinator

New Hydrochlor salt water chlorinator


Energy efficiency and ease of use keynote

More and more Australians are opting for salt chlorinators, and it’s easy to see why.

The benefits of using this alternative to standard chlorination include lessened environmental impact, greater energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Waterco’s Hydrochlor salt chlorinator has been added to Swimart’s EnviroPro range for these very reasons – not to mention the extra features that make salt chlorination easier for you.

The salt water chlorination process used in the Hydrochlor eliminates the need to add chemicals to the water, making it gentler on your skin and meaning there will be no more burning eyes! The salt also acts as a mild antiseptic and does not harm your swimming costumes.

To better harness all these benefits, the Hydrochlor has been made to be simple to use, easy to program and to be more energy efficient. Once installed, it automatically maintains chlorine levels, and by doing so eliminates problems caused by high or low chlorine levels such as algae growth. After installation, your pool will require far less attention than if you maintained standard chlorination processes, and will keep your pool water balanced and healthy.

"The Hydrochlor is so easy to use," says Chris Fitzmaurice, Swimart Australasian manager. "You are in complete control with the easy-to-navigate menus, Ezy timer and override button."

The Hydrochlor will automatically maintain the chlorine level of a swimming pool and eliminate problems associated with periods of very high or low chlorine levels. Fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels mean fewer fluctuations in pH levels.

"This ensures more stable, balanced water," Chris adds. "Consistently maintained sanitiser levels in the pool water will prevent the growth of all common algae."

As a salt chlorinator, the Hydrochlor uses the process of electrolysis to essentially produce its own chlorine, which is then distributed through your pool. The system works by passing salt water solution through an electrolytic cell which converts the salt into chlorine gas, which dissolves in the water as liquid chlorine.

Because of this, the Hydrochlor is a great choice for those wanting to decrease the impact that running their pool has on the environment, as salt chlorination uses fewer chemicals to sanitise the pool.

Other features of the Hydrochlor include a winter timer that helps cut energy usage in half during the cooler months, battery backup, UV and weatherproof housing, space saving vertical design, super chlorination function and no-flow LED alert.

"The best thing about the Hydrochlor is that it is so low maintenance," says Chris. "The electrolytic cell is self-cleaning, saving you time and effort. It also can be set to run for a specific amount of time each session, which means you can just sit back and let it do the work for you."

Key features of the Hydrochlor include:

  • Hydrochlor Power Pack, which monitors and controls chlorine production by regulating the amount of electrical energy supplied to the salt cell
  • Ezy timer (just press 'HOUR' or 'MIN' keys to change the current time)
  • A winter mode, which helps pool owners easily save energy during the winter months
  • A chlorinator override button, which overrides the timer setting, stops chlorine production and disables pump protection for pool maintenance
  • Battery back up
  • Self cleaning electrolytic cell
  • Chlorine production indicator LEDs
  • Super chlorination function
  • Built-in pump protection to prevent the pump running dry
  • No flow LED (this will start blinking on the panel to alert the pool owner)
  • UV and weather proof housing
  • Space saving vertical design
  • Large aluminium heat sink for heat dissipation
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