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Multi-Cyclone Ultra

04 April 2012 swimart

Multi-Cyclone Ultra

Next generation MultiCyclone

The pool industry's answer to the Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Zero backwashing, easy installation, maximised hydraulic efficiency, massive water and energy savings: welcome to the world of MultiCyclone Ultra.

A revolution in pool filtration, MultiCyclone Ultra combines centrifugal and cartridge filtration into one streamline housing, creating an ultra compact filtration system that can be vertically installed on a pool pump.

Thanks to its dual stage filtration, approximately 80% of the incoming dirt load is spiralled down to Ultra's clear sediment chamber. The outgoing water is finally polished via its inbuilt cartridge filter, producing crystal clear water. This also means the capacity of its 75 square foot filter cartridge is magnified by up to five times.

"The MultiCyclone Ultra is the third generation of the MultiCyclone technology and we have produced a model which has a larger capacity and increased flow rate," explains Bryan Goh, group marketing director of Waterco Ltd, developer of the MultiCyclone technology.

"The Ultra's streamlined design combines the benefits of the MultiCyclone's pre-filtration technology and a compact cartridge filter. Simply put, this enables a reduction in pool equipment footprint and required pipework – thus reducing the filtration system's overall head loss. In addition, the MultiCyclone Ultra can be mounted using the specially designed support stand.

"All of its features ensure it is well suited for the average domestic in-ground concrete or fibreglass pool,"

Key features of MultiCyclone Ultra:

  • Compact size occupies less space than a 24" sand filter
  • No backwashing results in significant water savings
  • Easy installation and maximised hydraulic efficiency
  • Minimal flow restrictions and optimised water flow
  • Flow rate is increased to 225lpm and 280lpm, depending on the model selected
  • Clear polycarbonate sediment chamber for easy view and access to the salt cell
  • Optional support stands to either mount the MultiCyclone Ultra above the pump or to its side if the height of the installation is prohibitive
  • Ease of maintenance: MultiCyclone Ultra's sediment chamber is easily cleaned by opening its purge valve. Only 15 litres of water is discharged

Since launching in 2008, Waterco's MultiCyclone technology has continued to impress the world with its innovative design, which has earned it 10 local and international awards, including Best Product Award at SPATEX UK in 2011 and 2012, in addition to a DesignMaster Green Award at India's WAVES International Pool, Spa and Bath Expo.

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