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5 common causes of cloudy pool water and how to fix them

You regularly maintain your swimming pool to make sure the water is crystal clear and healthy to swim in. But without rhythm or reason, you wake up one morning to find it has suddenly turned dull and cloudy. Sound familiar? Well, you’re not alone. It’s a surprisingly common occurrence that is caused by a number […]
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3 warning signs it’s time to replace your pool pump, filter or chlorinator

Your swimming pool pump, filter and chlorinator work hard to keep your water looking fresh and clean – usually out of sight down the back of the property in the pump house. For water that sparkles, they need to be in optimum working condition but with most things in life, wear and tear reduces their […]
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Post-rain pool cleaning tips

With heavy rain predicted to drench much of Australia’s east coast over the next few days, many pool owners will welcome the sight of watching water levels rising without the need to drain their tank or draw from mains water supply systems. However, there is a downside, and that is heavily diluted pool chemicals, especially […]
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10 tips to winterising your pool

If you’re planning to switch off pool equipment over winter to save money on electricity and chemical costs, think again. Not only will you run the risk of damaging expensive filtration and sanitation systems but can also damage your pool’s interior. The result? A potentially costly and time-consuming process to return pool water into a […]
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