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Easy does it

02 February 2015 James Nash

Easy does it

Easy does it

Automation making pool maintenance simpler


Automation is slowly but surely infiltrating most areas of our lives. For pool owners, the movement is well on its way to revolutionising the way we take care of our pools and spas.

Automation is especially suitable for pools equipped with multiple accessories, such as in floor cleaning, water features, water heating, swim jets and multicoloured LED lights, as these can all be controlled using a central device.

The benefits of automating your pool are numerous. Here’s just a few:

  • Simplify maintenance
    The main advantage to automating your pool is that the whole process becomes much simpler. You have control at your fingertips and can change the sanitiser dosage or turn on the heating or lights with the push of a button. You also have control over your pool when you are away, as you can set the program and walk away.
  • Save time and effort in continuous maintenance work
    it can be quite time consuming to take care of all the bits and pieces that go into making sure your pool is in running order. An automation system essentially does the hard work for you, such as turning on and off pumps, dosing your pool with sanitiser and monitoring the water for changes.
  • Prevent damage to your pool and its equipment
    Letting your pool maintenance slip by the wayside, you may find that your pool becomes host to a myriad of issues that could include anything from incorrect pH balance, cloudy water, mineral imbalances to a full blown algae growth.These problems can, in turn, cause damage to your pool and its equipment. If your pool is constantly monitored and dosed with sanitiser by means of automation, it is unlikely that these issues would occur in the first place, preventing damage.
  • Save money on energy bills
    How many times have you accidentally left some of your pool equipment running for longer than they needed to be? Having pumps, pool lights, and chlorinators on timers controlled by an automation system means they will only be running for as long as they need to be, saving you on associated energy costs.


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