Pool Automation Trends

8 August 2014

Maintaining your pool and its equipment doesn’t have to take a great deal of time and effort; welcome to the age of automation, where your pool can be kept in great condition with the touch of a button.

Pool Automation Trends

Automation basically connects your pool’s equipment to a controller that allows you to put everything on timers. It also allows you to monitor things like the chemical balance of the water. In the past few years, automation has really come into favour with pool owners, commercial and private alike.

Your pump, chemical feeder and chlorinator can all be connected to an automated system, making the sanitisation process much easier and faster. An automatic chlorinator also reduces the amount of chemicals you put in the pool.

Some systems can even be configured to control your pool lighting and water features, making your entire pool area easier to work than ever. It can also save you on energy costs, as everything is turned on and off according to a timer rather than by hand.

It is easier to work the system into your pool area before you build it; however don’t despair if you are hoping to switch your existing pool to an automated system. Duck into your local Swimart for a recommendation.

Although automating all your pool equipment definitely makes maintaining your pool a lot easier, you can’t simply ‘set and forget’.

It is still a good idea to regularly check your pool’s equipment, and the water balance; this will be made easier by the measurements provided by your automated system, as they usually display the chemical balance of the water. Some even notify you when the levels are out of balance, allowing you to rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

Swimart's Smart Contrals
Visit your local Swimart to find out more about their Smart Controller. These controllers can be connected to your chlorinator, chemical feeder and/or other equipment to make keeping your pool in tip top condition much easier.

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