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Make The Change To Save Money And Energy

17 June 2014

With power bills set to continue rising and a growing concern about our impact on the planet, no doubt many of you are looking at ways of reducing your consumption of electricity and other forms of energy.

Make the Change to Save Money and Energy

Your pool can be a significant energy guzzler – but only if you let it! There have been so many developments over the past few decades which enable us to minimise the impact our pool has on the environment and our power bill, that it makes sense to put them to use in our backyards.

Here’s our run-down of the best changes you can make to help start saving:

Electric or gas to solar heating
Despite sometimes being a little costly to set up, a solar heating system is cheaper to run than electric or gas and can pay for itself within a few months. Pool heating can consume a great deal of energy and push up your household power bill a lot, however with a solar system you are getting the same hot water without the running costs.
Halogen pool lights to LED
LED lighting is an all-round winner when compared to halogen; they last up to 20 times longer and require 80% less energy to run! They are also available in different colours. Head to your nearest Swimart store to check out the range of LED pool lighting.

Pressure pool cleaner to a robotic, automated cleaner
An automated pool cleaner can save you money in a number of ways. Firstly, because it is set on a timer it uses less energy, and it is programmed to use energy much more efficiently than a pressure cleaner. It also reduces the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your pool.

Single speed pump to a variable speed pump
Single speed pumps are generally far less energy-efficient than the variable speed variety. This is because the different speed settings on a variable speed pump allow it to run on a lower setting while still pumping water effectively.

Manual dosing to automated sanitisation
Forget the inconvenience of having to take a water sample, test the sample and dose the pool correctly every day or so; switch to an automated system and cut down on maintenance and chemical use.

Traditional chlorine to salt or other alternative
Having to dose your pool regularly with chlorine can be an expensive exercise, not to mention the potentially negative affect this chemical has on the environment. Salt chlorination delivers great results with less chlorine, whilst an alternative sanitisation system such as Waterco’s Hydroxypure will keep your pool water clean, sparkling and safe without the need for harmful chemicals.

From a standard sand filter to glass pearl filter media
While sand filter media may be cheap initially in the long run a filter containing sand will be more expensive to run. Replacing your sand with glass pearl filter media will save water and money over the long term. Glass pearls need backwashing much less frequently than sand as well as using up to 20% less water in the backwashing process. Filtering to less than 3 microns, using glass pearls in your filter will result in superior water clarity. You'll be amazed at the difference.

Contact your local Swimart store for the best advice on how you can save money and energy running your pool.

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