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Cool Pools From Around the World

06 June 2014 James Nash

Cool Pools From Around the World

Cool Pools in Amazing Exotic Locations


This exotic pool is only available to guests of the Sarojin Resort in Phuket, Thailand. Rated as one of the most luxurious resorts in the world, the pool cost $1 million US to build and is located right on the edge of the Indian Ocean. If it weren’t already luxurious enough, guests can receive massages while lazing on one of the multiple floating pavilions placed in the pool.

23 Hearst Castle in California, USA has two of the most luxurious pools in the world; the outdoor Neptune pool and the indoor Roman pool. Both feature extensive Roman art and statues, marble detail and intricate mosaic tiles, and cost around $10 million US to construct altogether.

The Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev is the owner of this luxurious pool; it cost around $68 million US to build. Located in North London, this pool was built inside the most expensive home in the UK. The most unique feature of this pool is its multiple uses; when the pool is not in use, a retractable cover transforms the room into a grand ballroom. 3

4 The Seagaia Ocean Dome is a massive indoor beach in Miyazaki, Japan. It cost $2 billion US to construct, and measures 100 feet long and 328 feet wide. It features a wave pool, artificial volcano, waterslide area and a retractable roof to allow sunshine in. It was built so that guests at the Sheraton Seagaia Resort could still swim even when the weather outside wasn’t ideal, but has shut down for renovations in recent years.



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