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MultiCyclone Competition Winner

11 November 2011 swimart

MultiCyclone Competition Winner

Saving time, water and money

Waterco's MultiCyclone impresses our competition winner!

David McNicol is delighted that he can keep his pool cleaner – and save water at the same time. David, who lives in the Sydney suburb of Caringbah, was the recent lucky winner of Swimart's MultiCyclone competition.

The award-winning, Australian designed MultiCyclone is being put to good use in a huge range of pool and other water installations around the world – and David's pool is no exception. The technicians from Swimart Miranda recently installed the device at David's five-year-old inground pool, and David admits he's very happy.

"I've never won anything before, so when I got the phone call to say I had won, I didn't quite believe it!" says David.

"I have noticed the pool is now easier to clean. I don't have to backwash the filter anymore - I simply turn a valve on the MultiCyclone and it cleans really quickly. You can actually see the dirt disappearing. I have a technological background and I have been very impressed with the concept of how it works and its innovative technology.

"It's also great to be able to save water. As water is becoming more expensive, this becomes a more attractive benefit of the MultiCyclone. I am a regular customer of Swimart Miranda, so it's nice to get something back."

The MultiCyclone recently won the DesignMaster Green Award at India's WAVES International Pool, Spa and Bath Expo. The annual WAVES DesignMaster Awards were created for industries and professionals to set benchmarks, encourage excellence and give a boost to innovators.

The Green Product Award brings to nine the number of awards won by the MultiCyclone since the technology was launched in 2008. Constructed with no moving parts and no filter media to clean or replace, the MultiCyclone has set new benchmarks in sustainability and has been used in projects as diverse as domestic swimming pools, koi ponds, cooling towers, car wash water recycling plants, aquaculture facilities, resort pools to wetland areas within zoos.

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