Your filter could be clogged up with oils, body fats, metals, organic waste and sun tan lotion that’s built up over a year, so it’s time for a good expert clean.

A filter degrease and thorough clean keeps your pool clean and healthy and will help extend the life and effectiveness of your filter and media.

Our Filter Clean and Check service includes the cost of our service technician coming onsite to professionally apply Natural Filter Cleaner to your pool, backwash and check your equipment for leaks and other issues.

By adding Natural Filter Cleaner into your pool filter or directly to the skimmer it is effective in removing oils and fats by breaking them down and solubilising them allowing the filter media to be easily cleaned by rinsing and backwashing.

Some of the key benefits of the product are:

  • Non toxic
  • Manufactured from a plant extract (100% natural ingredients)
  • Biodegradable product
  • Works in all filter media types; sand, glass, zelbrite, cartridge and DE septums

Manufacturers recommend that your filter is degreased once a year to keep your pool water healthy and safe. Give us a call today to book in a Filter Check and Clean Service

Terms & Conditions: This offer is for a limited time only.
Valid from 18th May 2023 to 30th of June 2023.