Solar Shield

Available in store only

Solar Shield is designed to prevent pool water heat loss and evaporation




– Adds an ultra-thin, invisible barrier which helps protect your pool from evaporation and heat loss.
– A safe alternative to traditional covers, making this a family-friendly option for children and pets.
– Easy and Minimal Application – 30 Days of Protection – Economical & Long Lasting
– Need only be dosed once a month, while other liquid cover products need to be added daily.
– Provides up to 1 month of protection per dose.
– A 1LT bottle will provide 4 months treatment to a 50,000 Litres pool.
– It has been shown to be 20% more effective than other liquid blankets.
– It has a non flammable formulation.
– Its efficiency will not be affected by automatic pool cleaners.
– It may be used in all types of pool finishes.
– It is compatible with all recognised sanitisers and other pool additives.

Dosage rates

250ML per 50,000 Litres pool water
Use once every 30 days