Aqua~Health Natural Filter Cleaner

Available in store only

Aqua-Health Natural Filter Cleaner is a non-polluting water soluble cleaner that is very effective in removing oils and fats by breaking them down and solubilising them




Core benefits include:

  • Filter Degreaser new formula is an eco-friendly 
  • Non toxic
  • Biodegradable product 
  • Manufactured from a plant extract  (100% natural ingredients)
  • It acts by solubilising fats and oils allowing the filter media to be easily rinsed and backwashed.
  • Works in all filter media types, Sand, Glass, Zelbrite, Cartridge and DE Septums


Dosage Guide:

  • Can be added directly to the skimmer whilst in backwash mode, or for cartridge and DE septums mix in a bucket and soak for 30 minutes.


Available Pack sizes:

  • 1L