Aqua~Health Chlorine Concentrate

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Our Aqua-Health Chlorine Concentrate is an effective and easy-to-use form of chlorine sanitation that ensures your pool is protected from unwanted bacteria, algae and organic waste




Product Details.

Aqua-Health Chlorine Concentrate contains built-in sunscreen for chlorine in the form of cyanuric acid. 

Core benefits include:

  • Suitable for external spas and quartzon finished pools
  • Soluble granular chlorine with built-in stabiliser
  • Suitable for fresh and salt water pool
  • Low residue
  • No effect on pH, hardness or Total Alkalinity
  • Fast dissolving granules.
  • Boast a shelf life of several years.
  • Pools that use stabilised chlorines require less frequent chlorine dosing than pools that use un-stabilised granular or liquid chlorine. 


Available Pack sizes are:

  • 2kg
  • 4kg
  • 10kg