Our Hydrostorm high-performance pumps are designed for commercial and extra-large domestic pools. They provide the extra power needed to cope with ancillary systems like water features, in-floor cleaning, vacuum cleaning and swim/spa jets. It has proven to be a reliable and well-engineered pool pump.

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Product Details

  • Efficient impeller and diffuser design, efficient hydraulic performance shortens run times and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs.
  • Engineered durability, the pump body is manufactured utilising state of the art engineering plastic moulding with a single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength
  • High grade carbon/graphite mechanical seal with 316 stainless steel spring assembly for extra protection against corrosion. e.g. from chlorinated water, ozone, iodine, baquacil, bromine and saltwater
  • Quick connect barrel unions for UPVC pipe
  • Extra-large 2.1L strainer basket captures debris and protects the impeller
  • Clear basket lid for visibility
  • Motor protection bracket designed to protect the pump motor by draining any leaks from a worn out mechanical seal
  • Stable support base
  • Drain plugs
  • Single-speed – 2860 RPM
  • Fan cooled thermal overload protection


High performance motor:

  • IP55 rating
  • Motor shaft 431 grade stainless steel.
  • Fan cooled thermal overload protection

Product Specifications

Model Flow rate (LPM) Nom HP KW Amps Phase Total Length (mm) Motor Frame (mm) Inlet/Outlet
8m 10m
Hydrostorm 100 250 225 1 0.91 4.00 1 600 71 50mm ports x / 50mm unions
Hydrostorm 150 350 315 1.5 1.31 5.80 1 647 80 50mm ports x / 50mm unions
Hydrostorm 200 370 350 2 1.46 6.60 1 647 80 50mm ports x / 50mm unions