Hydrostorm Plus

Our Hydrostorm Plus pool pump is specifically designed for commercial and extra large domestic pools and provides the extra power needed to cope with ancillary systems like water features, in-floor cleaning, vacuum cleaning and swim/spa jets. It has all the proven features of the Hydrostorm with the addition of an innovative lid & lock ring for easier maintenance and a larger strainer basket for increased capacity.

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Product Details

  • Efficient impeller and diffuser design – the pump’s efficient hydraulic performance shortens run times and reduces energy consumption leading to lower operating costs.
  • Engineered durability – the pump body is manufactured utilising state of the art engineering plastic moulding with a single piece strainer pot and volute for extra strength.
  • High grade carbon/graphite mechanical seal with 316 stainless steel spring assembly
  • Extra-large 2.25L strainer basket captures debris and protects the impeller.
  • Clear basket lid for visibility
  • Quick connect barrel unions for UPVC pipe
  • Stable support base
  • Drain plugs
  • Single-speed – 2860 RPM


High performance motor:

  • IP55 rating
  •  Motor shaft 431 grade stainless steel
  • Fan cooled thermal overload protection


Product Specifications

Model Flow Rate (LPM) Nom HP KW Amps Phase Total Length (mm) Motor Frame (mm) Inlet/Outlet
8m 10m
Hydrostorm Plus 250 470 440 2.5 1.92 8.9 1 678 80 50mm ports x / 50mm unions
Hydrostorm Plus 300 540 500 3 2.37 11* (*15 Amp Power Lead Plug) 1 730 90 65mm ports x / 50mm unions