Swimkleen 2

Our SwimKleen 2 is an entry level suction pool cleaner equipped with a pivot keel that offers enhanced stability & agility for superior performance. Simple to install and suitable for all pool surfaces, the Swimkleen 2 provides whisper quiet operation that won't disturb your neighbours.

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Product Details

  • Pivot keel – improves the cleaner’s agility around the pool, particularly in tight corners and steps. It also balances the cleaner during operation
  • Durable, reliable and manoeuvrable – tough polyurethane V-Max 36 finned disk easily navigates over obstacles, then scoops and funnels debris
  • Long life hoses designed for speed – high-quality non-spiral hose features extra spring for improved speed and efficiency, and moulded cuffs

Product Specifications

  • Includes 1 x V-Max 36 finned disk, diaphragm, foot pad, pivot keel and cleaner body
  • 10 x 1m hose lengths
  • Adjustable flow control valve
  • Skimmer weir and elbow adaptor
  • 2 X 45˚ elbow adaptor
  • Deflector wheel
  • Hose jogger
  • 3 year warranty