Pro Series Pool Cleaning Accessories

Designed for many years of functional use, our pool accessories are manufactured from the highest quality UV stabilised plastics.

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Product Details

Engineered for service professionals and available to pool owners who are looking for quality equipment built to last.


Core benefits include:

  • Designed for different pool shapes, sizes and styles
  • Non-corrosive, UV stabilised plastics engineered to last
  • New designs move efficiently in water by minimising resistance
  • Universal designs fit standard telescopic poles with Waterco’s PRO Pool Care Tools, maintaining your pool has never been easier.


Pack includes:

  • Aqua Finger  Introducing the first broom specially designed for fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined pools
  • Algae Brush  Designed to cut open the hard membranes of “black spot” algae so that an algaecide can effectively kill the algae
  • Pool Broom  With no sharp edges and easy to brush bristles, this pool broom is ideal for brushing the pool’s walls to dislodge algae and dirt
  • Flexible Vacuum Head  Weighted for optimum hydraulic balance and ease of use, this flexible vacuum head allows you to vacuum dirt and leaves quickly and efficiently from the pool floor
  • Brush Vacuum Head  Designed with rounded edges and bristles for vinyl pools, this brush vacuum head will brush as well as vacuum the pool floor.
  • Leaf Rake  Ideal for picking up leaves and debris from the surface and the floor of the pool