Polaris 3900 Sport

The sleek Polaris 3900 Sport pressure pool cleaner offers the most technologically advanced features available in a pool care cleaner. Designed for all inground pool surfaces, the Polaris 3900 Sport operates off a dedicated booster pump, sweeping and scrubbing your pool in less than 3 hours.

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Product Details

  • PosiDrive System  – delivers 50% more torque and is the most reliable and efficient drive train on the market
  • SuperBag – 5 litre capacity makes it 40% larger than the average filter bag and means more debris pick-up with fewer stops to empty the bag
  • WideTrax Tyres –  equipped with extra thick low profile tyres for superior climbing and manoeuvrability
  • Vacuum Jets –  3 powerful vacuum jets supplements your filtration system
  • Sweep Hose – provides effective cleaning in tight, heard-to-reach areas. Sweeps and scrubs walls and floors of any size/shape pool.
  • Translucent Housing -Provides superior resistance to UV discolouration and improved weatherability



Product Specifications

  • Pool Shape Coverage – Rectangular, Oval, Round & Free Form
  • Surfaces – Tile, Concrete, Pebblecrete, Quartzon, Fibreglass & Vinyl
  • Dimensions – Width:0.5939 mm, height:0.2794 mm, length:0.6096 mm, gross Weight:10 kg