Perox Safe & Clear

Perox Safe & Clear is a unique blend of salts that produce low levels of chlorine dioxide when used with a salt chlorinator. This incredibly effective sanitiser eliminates viruses, bacteria, biofilm and parasites. After it has done its job, it breaks down into salts ready to be reused. 

Typically chlorine dioxide needs to be hand dosed. However, this is the first time that chlorine dioxide can continually be produced and dosed into a pool using a saltwater chlorinator.

When Perox Safe & Clear is combined with hypochlorite (chlorine), it reduces the contact time required to control bacteria.

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Product Details

Perox Safe & Clear Features

  • Works in conjunction with your existing salt chlorinator
  • Works effectively in all mineral systems (using a salt chlorinator)
  • Effective treatment and control of biofilm
  • Reduces chlorine demand
  • It does not bind to organics to produce harmful byproducts
  • Eliminates chlorine odour (chloramines)
  • Creates a clarifying effect on the pool water
  • 500g last up to  three months on a standard pool

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The recommended dose is 500g per 50,000 litres of pool water every three months.