Hydroxzone Ozonators

Our Hydroxzone Ozonator uses hybrid patented technology to produce not only ozone but also hydroxyl radicals, which, combined, add another level of effectiveness in terms of oxidation and sanitation.

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Product Details

Our Hydroxzone system is an ozone generator that produces ozone using corona discharge technology and high energy light in one system.

The ozonator can be used in pools with manual or automatic chlorine dosing and also with salt chlorinators.


  • It produces pure ozone (there are no toxic nitrous compounds as found in standard corona discharge ozone generators)
  • Output is constant and not negatively affected by temperature or humidity as with standard corona discharge technology
  • It produces hydroxyl radical, one of the most powerful oxidisers found in nature
  • There are no moving parts, which makes maintenance easy
  • It’s easy to install and comes with a bypass kit
  • Can be used on new pools or easily retrofitted to existing pools