Davey Heat Pumps

Extend your pool season

Swim all year round with the reliable Davey Heat Pumps for residential pools.

Daveys Heat Pumps offer the perfect combination of simplicity, WiFi connectivity, excellent value and super quiet operation.

The pumps are designed to be highly efficient and extremely quiet, rated down to 40dBa – the kind of sound level you’d usually find in a library.

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Product Details

These Heat Pumps come with a simple touch controller and WiFi integration which allows control from an iOS or Android phone.

The pumps operate in ambient temperatures down to -10°C for warm pools even on chilly days and offer industry leading efficiency plus reverse cycle defrosting. They are designed with a twisted titanium heat exchanger, which is 40% more efficient than a regular titanium exchanger. The system is powered by a Mitsubishi DC twin-rotary compressor in a hardy and weather safe aluminium alloy casing.