Aquatight InverterMAX – Silent Pro Heat Pump

Quieter Operation with Amazing Heating Efficiency

The Full-inverter Control System controls the compressor and fan motor speed to reach optimized performance. Only Full-inverter Control System can drive the DC-inverter Compressor Hz by Hz and DC-inverter Fan Motor round by round, which leads to the stepless running of the whole system, and brings the most comfortable, healthy & silent environment.

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Product Details

  • 10 times quieter heat pump: Sound pressure is lower to 46dB(A) at 1m, which is quieter than the fridge.
  • 15 times energy saving: COP up to 15.5, 1kW input = 15.5kW Heat in return
  • Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary Compressor
  • DC-inverter Brushless Fan Motor
  • Spiral Titanium Heat Exchanger
  • Free Wi-Fi built-in: Remote control anytime & anywhere with Fairland Smart Pool App.
  • Soft Start: The current will start from 0 Ampere and go up slowly to the rated current in 2 minutes after turning on the heat pump