Aqua Quip EvoMax Concrete LED Lights

Our Aqua Quip EvoMax Concrete LED lights are energy efficient, the entire system is extra-low-voltage ensuring safety at all times.

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Product Details

EvoMAX lights offers maximum illumination whilst preserving a flush profile.

Available in either fixed colour or multi-colour options. The fixed colours are white, blue or green – the multi-colour option features Aqua-Quip’s unique Colour Selection Palette which provides an almost limitless variety of colour possibilities and a vast array of pre-programmed scroll and flash modes.

EvoMAX lights Incorporate the latest generation LED technology and thermal management system to ensure maximum light output and reliability.

The elegance of the lighting system can be further enhanced with the addition of the optional stainless steel trim ring creating some spectacular visual effects.

Product Specifications

They protrude just 9mm from the pool wall.

Lens diameter: 166mm