Aqua~Health Algatrol Concentrate

Our Aqua~Health Algatrol highly concentrated pool algaecide is for stubborn algae problems. It breaks down the protective membrane of algae to allow sanitiser to kill the algae.

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Product Details

Core benefits include:

  • High strength pool algaecide for persistent algae problems
  • Year round treatment
  • Effective against a broad spectrum of algae
  • Non-metal based, making it suitable for all types of pools
  • Can be used in ionised pools
  • Compatible with chlorine, and has negligible effect on pH, total alkalinity, and hardness.



  • Initial treatment 100ml /10,000 litres
  • Thereafter, 30 ml/ 10,000 litres fortnightly
  • Distribute directly to pool water around pool edge

Product Specifications

Available Pack sizes are:

  • 1L