Franchising FAQ

Your franchising questions, answered.


What sort of training do I get?

All new Swimart Franchisees undergo a comprehensive twenty-three day training course. This course has thirteen training modules which cover all facets of the Swimart business, from product and chemical knowledge, pool and spa filtration, retailing, marketing, customer service and a lot more. Training modules are a mixture of both practical and theoretical learning and are mainly conducted by successful and experienced Trainer Franchisees in selected training shops. Swimart conducts further training sessions on all aspects of the business on a regular basis.

What level of investment is needed?

This depends on whether you are buying a new or existing store. The price of an existing store is set by the franchisee and, naturally, will vary based on the value of plant, equipment and goodwill. The cost of a new store will also vary based on the size of the premises and the extent of fitout required. Typically, an average new store costs between $150,000 and $220,000 to establish.

Can I have a say in how my Swimart is run?

Of course you can. Swimart works closely with our franchise partners through both the National Advisory Committee (N.A.C.) and Product Advisory Committee (P.A.C.) The N.A.C. was established in 1994 to facilitate franchisees contribution to the business. All franchisees nominate and elect their area representative to sit on both councils which meet quarterly. In addition to this each region has a minimum of four Franchise Meetings a year where Franchise management meet with franchisees to discuss the business. In NSW and Queensland these meetings are held around nine times a year.