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Swimart’s home services do the hard work for you

10 October 2017 Tommy

The hot weather has already hit in some parts of the country and for many of us that means an early start to the swimming season. If your pool is looking a little worse for wear after a few months of neglect, and you're short on time over the weekend, then let us do the hard work for you. Swimart's affordable home services are designed to get your pool ready to swim in – and keep it in peak condition so you can enjoy it throughout summer.

Swimart offers basic pool care checks that start at $29.95 for an on-site computerised water test and delivery service, to fixed price servicing including chemicals (prices may vary subject to the size of the pool).

"Now is a good time to thoroughly check all your pool equipment so nothing breaks down in the middle of your pool party or during the Christmas holidays," says Swimart’s state franchise manager, Bruce Everett. "Our qualified and experienced technicians know what to look and listen out for, and will either conduct repairs on-the-spot or recommend the right course of action to ensure equipment runs efficiently."

It's important to regularly test your pool water not just to ensure the comfort and safety of swimmers but also to protect your pool from damage, which can be expensive to repair. While pool strips require very little skill or technique to use, and can test for a number of things including chlorine, total alkalinity, pH level and phosphate, inaccuracies are most likely to occur from using expired or contaminated strips.

"The digital photometers used by your local Swimart technician during a home service takes the guesswork out of testing your pool water," says Bruce. "And to make it even easier for you, we’ll give you the chemicals to add right on the spot, saving you a trip to the pool shop."

There is no doubt that Swimart’s home care services save you time and money. To give you an idea of what we do and how it benefits your pool, here are a few examples:


Basic pool check and repairs

Our mobile pool technicians know every type of pool product on the market, and will be able to evaluate what is operating efficiently and what needs repairing or replacing. From a full vacuum to water balancing and equipment checks, you will know the status of your pool and what you need to do to maintain it throughout autumn and winter.


Filter media change, clean and degrease

When it comes to your pool’s filtration equipment, it’s often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. So, to avoid small, undetected issues from becoming major problems, arrange for a Swimart professional to change the filter media, then clean and degrease the filter. Not only will it work according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but any issues can be dealt with immediately.


On-site equipment repairs

We can repair and service a vast range of pool equipment brands and models, and are also authorised warranty agents for a wide number of popular pool equipment brands. And if we can't solve the problem on the spot, we'll bring it back to your local Swimart store for further tests.


94-point Pool Check

The most comprehensive service of all, a detailed analysis of your pool and its equipment gives you the knowledge to make decisions on whether to upgrade equipment before it breaks down and causes further damage to other parts of the system.

Swimart's fleet of reliable mobile service vans, led by highly-trained and experienced technicians deliver quality, convenient pool maintenance and spa services right to your front door. Book by calling us on 1300 991 104 or speaking with your local Swimart store.



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