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A better swimming experience with Glass Pearls filter media

The goal of every pool owner is to swim in the cleanest, healthiest water – preferably with little effort and using the least amount of chemicals and resources. Fortunately, manufacturers are coming up with clever ways to clean pool water that feels as good as it looks. Take Swimart’s Glass Pearls, which uses pure glass […]
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Hydrostorm ECO-V pool pumps deliver maximum energy savings

Reducing your energy bills and maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool doesn’t have to mutually exclusive – not when you invest in an energy efficient, Hydrostorm ECO-V variable pool pump. Unlike fixed pumps that are stuck to one speed, variable models can be adjusted to a slower speed for everyday operation. The slower the […]
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Create an environmentally friendly pool with EnviroPro

Swimart is known for its environmentally friendly pool and spa products, which are designed to conserve natural resources like water, use renewable energy like the sun, and reduce the costs associated with owning a swimming pool and spa. In fact, we have an entire section dedicated to eco-friendly equipment that includes everything from robotic pool […]
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The three main types of pool covers and their benefits

Reducing chemical loss, keeping your pool clean, saving you money – these are just a few of the reasons why we encourage pool owners to invest in a pool cover. We’ve talked before about the benefits of using a pool cover, how using one is an essential part of caring for your pool over winter, […]
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