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Benefits of using a pool cover

05 May 2017 Tommy

If you want to save money, clean your pool less, and enjoy warmer water temperatures during the colder months, investing in a pool cover is definitely the way to go. Don't believe us? Here are six reasons why you need one.


  1. Less leaves to scoop out

Pool covers are very effective at keeping leaves, dirt, and debris from falling or blowing into the pool, which means less time cleaning it. Leaves that land on the surface of a pool cover stay dry and typically blow off again. And those that don’t can be easily swept off or removed with a leaf blower. Less leaves in your pool also means the leaf collector on your automatic cleaner doesn't need emptying as often.

  1. Warmer pool water to swim in

During the cooler months, a pool cover acts as a barrier between the cold air and the warmer pool water. This is particularly good news if you have a heat pump, solar, or gas system in place, as the heat they generate sticks around for longer. It also means the system won’t have to work as hard, so you can reduce running times and costs.

  1. Chlorine lasts longer

Chlorine is the most common sanitiser for swimming pools, but it degrades quickly under UV light. A pool cover reduces the amount of UV hitting the water, which means less chlorine is consumed - and that means more money in your pocket. If you have a salt water pool, this means your chlorinator uses less energy.

Also, because a pool cover prevents leaves from entering your pool, this means less chlorine is used to break down organic matter in the water. That keeps your pool water cleaner and reduces the pressure on your filters and pumps.

  1. Fewer top-ups needed

Our pools lose a surprising amount of water through evaporation, even in the colder months. While the actual amount varies according to a number of factors – the surface area of your pool, the temperature of the water and surrounding air, amount of humidity present, and wind speed – water loss can be in the thousands of litres each year. And, if the water level drops below the height of the skimmer and your pumps suck in air instead of water, it could damage them. A pool cover stops this from happening.

  1. Less chance of flow blockages

As a pool cover reduces leaf litter, that means they don’t end up in your skimmer basket where they can potentially cause blockages if left unattended. Flow blockages reduce the efficiency of your filter and chlorinator, resulting in poor water quality and a greater chance of your pool turning green. This places extra load on your pumps, which can lead to costly equipment failures down the track.

  1. Create a self-sufficient pool

With reduced evaporation, less chlorine consumption and consistent water levels, your pool will get away with less supervision. This means you’re less likely to encounter problems if you’re away on holidays, or just too busy to maintain it regularly.


Australian-made Daisy pool covers

Regardless of where you live in Australia, a Daisy pool cover or blanket from Swimart will warm your pool and significantly extend your swimming season. You'll save money on heating and chemical bills, and help conserve one of the planet's most precious of natural resources: water.

Swimart's range of Daisy pool covers and rollers are easy to install and operate but for a cover to work properly, it does need to be fitted to the size and shape of your pool. Find out more by calling Swimart on 1300 991 104. You can also read about Daisy's Ultradome pool cover and find out how to keep your pool 'Kleen' this winter.

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