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01 January 2017 swimart

Owning a pool or spa brings countless hours of joy, and thanks to innovative companies like Waterco, that no longer means spending a fortune on running costs or damaging the environment with energy-guzzling products.

Whether it's replacing inefficient halogen pool lights with Britestream LEDs, installing a Zane Solar Gulfpanel or switching to a MultiCyclone pre-filter, there are plenty of ways to transform your pool into a sustainable water feature – and considerably improve its lifespan in the process.


Why it makes sense to cover up

One of the first things you can do to improve your pool's efficiency, is to install a pool cover. It not only maintains water clarity but also can reduce operating costs. That’s because a quality cover act as a protective barrier over the water, helping retain valuable heat and moisture, and preventing leaf litter and other environmental debris from affecting pool chemistry.
A properly fitted cover can significantly reduce water evaporation in outdoor pools, especially over the summer season while retaining heat in winter. Installing a pool cover acts as a giant solar collector, increasing water temperature by as much as 10 to 15 degrees. Sealing your pool also means that water and chemicals don't evaporate as quickly. Over the course of a year this can translate to massive savings on energy, water and chemical costs.


Switching to energy efficient LEDs

One way to significantly reduce your pool's power consumption is to install light emitting diodes (LEDs), not only because of their energy efficiency but also their proven longevity.

An incandescent bulb wastes a significant amount of energy while it is producing light. In fact, it acts more like an electric heater – warming the filament before there is enough energy to create the required light. LEDs on the other hand, do not have a filament to heat, so the electrical power is used purely to generate light.
Watch this video to see how they work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UU4Xk_IYQrKGz7aBJrv-VjQg&v=zZTxXZb1EqM


Upgrading to an eco-friendly pool pump and filter

An efficient pool pump significantly reduces energy operating costs, especially when it is customised to the size of your pool and how often you want your water circulated.

If you're interested in replacing your current system, consider a pump model with a closed impeller and reduced horsepower. Not only will it circulate water more efficiently, it also helps reduce your filter operating time by an hour or more. Other energy efficient tips include using the smallest pump possible for your pool, reducing filtration time to six hours a day during the swim season, keeping drains clear of debris, and backwashing your filter appropriately.


Waterco's EnviroPro range

Available from Swimart, the market-leading EnviroPro range helps environmentally and budget conscious pool owners save water and energy while also reducing maintenance time.

From an energy efficient pool pump, MultiCyclone pre-filter, cartridge and granular filters, to the latest LED lights, solar pool heaters and robotic pool cleaners, Waterco's high quality, eco-friendly products provide a range of financial and lifestyle benefits. For example:


  • With the unique pre-filter MultiCyclone technology, not only do you save thousands of litres of water per year, but you also benefit from reduced maintenance time cleaning your filter and your equipment will last longer. Or for the ultimate convenience and maximum water savings, the MultiCyclone Plus is an easy to use, highly efficient pre-filter and cartridge filter all in one.


  • With the low flow Hydrostorm ECO pump, which already uses up to 70 per cent less electricity than a regular pump, you can switch to off peak electricity tariffs at night due to its quiet operation. Not only does this saving you even more on your energy bills but also pool water clarity is improved due to slow flow and better filtration.



Find out how you can improve your pool's energy efficiency and reduce operating costs by visiting your local Swimart pool and spa shop.


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