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A leafy problem

10 October 2014 James Nash

A leafy problem

A leafy problem

Our solution to leaves in the pool

Do you live in a leafy suburb or bushy rural area? It’s a safe bet that keeping your pool clear of leaves and other plant matter is a daily battle for you. Thankfully there is a new handy alternative to whipping out your pool net every other minute.

Waterco has released its newest leaf trapper technology-the C50-so pool owners that deal with a high volume of debris can now remove this matter quickly and efficiently.

Constructed from high impact polypropylene, the Waterco C50 Leaf Trapper is made up of a high quality, durable bag filter, which ensures it can trap leaves and coarse debris before it enters the pool’s finer filtration system.

The combination of the filter and bag make it ideal to be installed in areas which are prone to leaves and other coarse matter falling into the pool.

The C50 is perfect for infinity edge pools and those equipped with in-floor cleaning systems. It is also easy to visually check the contents of the filter bag without opening the lid, as the C50 features a clear polycarbonate lid.

In addition, the design of the ergonomic screw down lid enables simple hand operation and quick filter cleaning or replacement.

The large filter bag is made of high strength and durable nylon, plus it’s easy to clean. The 800 micron bag allows a full flow of water with minimal resistance, and it has a holding capacity of 10 litres, which is approximately four-times the usual leaf and debris holding capacity of a standard pool skimmer box leaf basket.

Visit your nearest Swimart store to check out the new Leaf Trapper and other products that can assist you with ridding your pool of leaves.

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