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Waterco’s Newest Exotuf Filter

09 September 2014 James Nash

Waterco’s Newest Exotuf Filter

Waterco’s Newest Exotuf Filter


After a tough filter for your pool that will last the distance and keep performing efficiently for an extended period of time?

Waterco Ltd introduces their newest addition to the Exotuf filter range: the Exotuf 500, which joins the 600 and 700 models already in Swimart stores. The Exotuf filter range is specifically designed to cope with the cyclic pressures of the modern day swimming pool.

Corrosion and UV resistant, the newest Exotuf filter model is tougher than ever. Exotuf filters are precision injection moulded for superior strength and dependability, pressure rated to 350kPa and can be easily used with Waterco Glass Pearl Media.

Ideal for pools with in-floor cleaning and high powered pumps, the Exotuf 500 features 40mm multiport valves and standard lateral systems. The Exotuf 700 model also features a highly efficient fish tail lateral systems in both top and side models.

Exotuf filters are easily installed and serviced, thanks to their multiport valve clamp that provides 360 degree orientation, and their clear sight glass for backwash inspection. A pressure gauge also makes it simple to check the filter’s capacity.

They also have hydraulically balanced flow distribution to maximise filtration and backwashing, and a large filter base for stable floor mounting.

Exotuf filters are covered by a 10 year tank warranty and a 1 year warranty on all other components. Available from your local Swimart store.


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