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Swimming Strokes For Stronger Muscles

09 September 2014 James Nash

Swimming Strokes For Stronger Muscles

Swimming Strokes For Stronger Muscles


Working out in your pool can put you in the fast lane to a toned and healthy looking body for summer! Swimming is a fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise that can improve overall fitness, strength, muscular endurance and even help with weight loss.

Although most strokes work nearly all major muscle groups in the body, doing the same thing over and over again won’t get you the best results.

Mixing up your strokes will help you to work different muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals faster. Here’s our rundown of the main types of strokes and what muscle groups they target:

This popular stroke works out many different muscles in your body, all the way from your hands to your feet. In your arms, your biceps, triceps and deltoids are working hard to propel you forwards as you stroke, while your pectorals, abdominal muscles and spinal chord support muscles are keeping your body steady. Your quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles are also under pressure as you kick with power and speed.

Essentially the same as freestyle but on your back, this stroke works your core and your back as you try and hold your middle on the surface of the water. Your outer and middle abdominal muscles, plus your shoulder and forearm muscles get a good workout from laps of backstroke.

Breaststroke is not as strenuous as the other strokes, however it does still provide a great all round workout. It especially puts emphasis on the lower half of your body. This stroke will build muscle in your thighs, bum, upper and lower back and groin. Breaststroke even works all the little muscles in your feet!

The least used stroke, but probably the most strenuous out of the four main strokes, is butterfly. Its emphasis is on the back muscles and the lower limb muscle groups. Your quadriceps, hamstrings, shin muscle, calf muscle and foot muscles all come together to propel you through the water in this stroke. Your spinal support muscles and other back muscles also pull their weight.


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