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Pool Landscaping And Gardening Tips

09 September 2014 James Nash

Pool Landscaping And Gardening Tips

Pool Landscaping And Gardening Tips


A lovely garden and landscaping can make an ordinary pool extraordinary. All it takes is a little bit of thought, and a little work to pull it all together.

Here are some things to consider when planting or landscaping around your pool.

Green thumb
The first thing to think about when planting any trees or shrubs near your pool is: what kids of roots do they have? If they have fast growing, long roots, stay away! These could potentially grow towards your pool and surrounding landscaping, causing damage as the roots pushes their way through the earth.

You also might want to keep any plants at least a few metres away from the pool’s edge, as leaves, flowers, bugs and droppings from birds can become a real issue if plants are situated right on the water’s edge.

A beautiful lawn with a few small trees or shrubs is a clean, modern style that is also relatively low maintenance. On the flip side, tropical plants clustered around the pool will give an exotic feel to your pool.

All natural
Materials that fit with the environment around them are big in landscaping at the moment, including natural stone and timber.

Natural stone is a very versatile material to use around the pool. It looks fantastic laid around the perimeter of the pool if you have a nice green lawn surrounding it. Stone can also be laid across the entire pool area for a luxurious feel.

Timber decking has seen a real rise in popularity in recent years; this could be due to the combining of living areas that is trending currently. With a timber deck, your pool can double as an entertainment space. It is also a relatively low maintenance material to use and clean.


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