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Get Ducks Out Of Your Pool

09 September 2014 James Nash

Get Ducks Out Of Your Pool

Get Ducks Out Of Your Pool


Got some feathery, unwelcome and messy guests in your pool? Many people experience the annoyance that is a family of ducks deciding to call your pool home.

Ducks that consistently return to your pool can pose a few problems; they bring organic litter such as dirt, bugs, feathers, and faeces into the water, which can upset the balance, mess with the sanitisers and be hard for you to clean up.

They can also introduce nitrates into your pool, which can become food for algae growth.

Luckily, there is a way to encourage them to move on - Swimart now stocks an easy to use product appropriately called NO MORE DUCKS

This product acts to repel ducks from your pool and prevent them from returning by altering the surface tension of the water. This then discourages the ducks from staying in your pool as it causes them to sink a bit further into the water than they normally would, which they don’t like.

The product isn’t harmful to ducks or humans at all, and is compatible with all recognised pool sanitisers and additives. It can also be used with all pool finishes.

Head into your latest Swimart today for more information about NO MORE DUCKS


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