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The Lowdown On Our Eco-Friendly Range

11 August 2014

Swimart’s EnviroPro range of products encompasses heat pumps, solar heating, LED lights, robotic pool cleaners, cartridge, centrifugal and sand filters plus glass pearl filter media.

The Lowdown On Our Eco-Friendly  Range

If you haven’t gotten on the eco-friendly bandwagon yet, here’s why you should make the switch to a more environmentally friendly pool today:

You’ll save money
All EnviroPro products are designed to be energy efficient, which will lower any energy costs associated with running your pool. The biggest money saving switch you’ll make is from any form of pool heating to solar; this pool heating method requires no energy to run, as it draws from the sun to generate heat.

LED lighting is another energy saving pool accessory; changing from halogen to LED gives your lights  a much longer lifespan (70, 000 hours approx.) while using less energy to run.

You’ll save time
Some environmentally-friendly products are easier to maintain than their less efficient counterparts. The MultiCyclone filter range, for example, is built to spin dirt from the centre to the outer parts of the filter, which makes it easier for you to remove any accumulation.

The robotic cleaners that are included in our EnviroPro range are also designed to save you time on maintaining your pool. Simply set the timer and let it work its magic!

You’ll save water
All products in our EnviroPro range are designed to save water; this is our most precious resource, so taking measures to conserve water can only do a world of good.

In particular, the range of filters (including sand, cartridge and centrifugal) use much less water than your standard filters. This saves you from having to refill your pool as often.

Want to reduce the amount of chemicals your family are exposed to when they swim?

Ask your local Swimart about Waterco’s Hydroxypure system; this is the newest development in pool water sanitation, and it uses the power of ozone to remove impurities and leave you with crystal clear pool water.

Those with asthma, allergies or eczema will especially benefit from the system as it is chlorine and salt free. Hydroxypure is a more natural way to sanitise your pool.

Find out more about the system here (link to past Hydroxypure story).

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