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Super Yachts With Super Pools

08 August 2014 James Nash

Super Yachts With Super Pools

Super Yachts With Super Pools

Imagine having a gorgeous pool. Now imagine sailing around on an amazing superyacht. Put these two things together, and you have ultimate luxury and style. Check out these incredible superyachts from around the world that have pools onboard.



05-Solandge-00270-1782-x-2376The Solandge
This 85-metre yacht is a step up from the owner’s previous boat (which measured around 63 metres in length) and will spend most summers cruising the Mediterranean or Caribbean. With lavish finishes, five guest suites, a fully equipped cinema, a full wellness area and space for 14 to dine together, this yacht is the definition of luxury lifestyle.

On top of these features, on the bridge deck of the Solandge there is a six-metre jet flow, negative-edge pool with a superb view out across the water. In addition to the swimming pool, there’s also a spa, which serves a dual purpose; circular in shape and built on a raised platform in the middle of lounge seating, the spa can be covered over and turned into a dance floor by night.

Indian Empress
Worth nearly $94 million, Oceanco’s Indian Empress is over 95 metres long and boasts all the best features a superyacht can offer. 05-indianempress
It can house up to 32 guests in its 16 cabins, as well as the huge crew comprised of 42 people. The coolest features on board include multiple jet skis, a helipad on the top deck and the circular pool. The pool is located on the second deck; it is built on a raised platform and is approximately 11 metres wide and long.

The Indian Empress is used usually by rich Indian business tycoons for their parties.


Project Light
Boasting five guestrooms with private balconies, a lounge complete with DJ booth and cocktail bar, two side opening terraces, a mud treatment room, massage and relaxation area and spa, this superyacht has been designed to give its guests the ultimate experience in way of comfort and luxury.

Shaded sun lounges on the upper deck look out over the pool and spa, both of which can be lit up to spectacular effect at night time. Guests can take a dip in the pool then be treated to a massage, or receive multiple beauty treatments at the parlour.

Project Light is over 90 metres, and features extraordinary outdoor spaces that allow guests to take advantage of marvellous water views.



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