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What You Need To Know About Pool Alkalinity And pH

07 July 2014 James Nash

What You Need To Know About Pool Alkalinity And pH

What You Need To Know About Pool Alkalinity And pH


Keeping your pool water correctly balanced can be complicated. Pool water is affected by a number of factors outside of your control such as bad weather,dirt and debris.

When maintaining water balance, it is important to understand that pH and alkalinity levels are closely linked. Maintaining your alkalinity levels makes it much easier to keep the pH levels within normal range; when these two are balanced, the pool water is much more likely to be clean and healthy.

Alkalinity levels need to be between 80 to 120 ppm, while pH levels should range between 7.2 to 7.8.

What happens when you have…

- Low pH

  Pool water can become corrosive when the pH levels drop too low. Your pool equipment and pipes can be damaged by this imbalance, including your pool surfaces. Swimmers can experience itchy or burning eyes.

- High pH

If pH levels are too high, chlorine can be rendered ineffective against algae and bacteria. Scale can form on pool surfaces and equipment, and the water can become cloudy and cause itchy skin for swimmers.

- Low alkalinity

Water with low levels of alkalinity can turn an abnormal shade of green, and burn swimmers’ eyes. Your pool finishes can also become stained, and corrosion can occur on metal fixtures on pool equipment.

- High alkalinity

When the alkalinity levels are too high, the water can turn cloudy and chlorine will lose its effectiveness. The pool is likely to need constant top-ups with acid.


Head to your local Swimart store with a water sample and our friendly staff will test it and confirm any imbalances. We can then help you select a treatment option that will rebalance your pool chemistry making your pool safe to swim in.


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